Rosebud Skatepark Development Project

This video was filmed in April of 2018.

The Rosebud Skatepark Development Project is built on the idea that free concrete skateparks increase the quality of life for their communities.

Many people believe this, which is why professional skatepark builders from around the world donate their labor and expertise to build skateparks in places that may not otherwise have them. Check out the website for Wonders Around the World.... or Make Life Skate Life.

Here's an inspiring video documenting their build in Morroco.



And some photos of their work around the world.





The skateboard scene is just begining to bloom on the Rosebud Reservation.

Parmelee, South Dakota

Pine Ridge has a strong scene with two great skateparks built by Grindline.

And Fort Thompson has an excellent skatepark on the Crow Creek Reservation.

By developing skate resources on Rosebud, as well as on off-reservation trust lands like Ideal, SD (between Mission and Fort Thompson) we will empower local communities and strengthen the bonds between skaters all across the state.

Our first major hurdle in fundraising is for a world class concrete skatepark in the town of Rosebud, built by the volunteers of Wonders Around the World and Make Life Skate Life.

As we raise funds and awareness we will continue the enhancement of unused concrete areas in the smaller communities around the reservation and sharing donated skate equipment with the youth.

Please stay tuned for more updates, and please feel free to use the CONTACT page to discuss how to get involved.


Sicangu Village, South Dakota