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Imagine Mission South Dakota

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An island of South Dakota in an Ocean of Rosebud.

What's your vision?
What's your Mission?

So much is possible if we coordinate our efforts.

Why Clay for mayor?

Clay believes the health of a society is rooted in the health of the youth. He is committed to developing shared public spaces conducive to mental and physical health, allowing wild play as well as rest.

He prides himself on his availability and is devoted to doing the hands-on labor and organizing that help communities thrive without dependence on grants.

Clay shares an expansive vision for the City and commends the systems of support already in existent here. The collaborations developed over the first years of the Rosebud Skatepark Development Project lend themselves naturally to a wider vision of park systems and public spaces in Mission.

Clay places great value in the benefits of shared public spaces and has developed a diverse group of collaborators during the construction of the Antelope Skatepark and Parmelee DIY. He considers himself a strong connector between groups like the Society of Care, Tree of Life Ministries, Sicangu Youth Program, Sinte Gleska University, as well as creative thinkers from out of state, government entities, and other people, like you. 

More than anything Clay wants to see Mission happy and thriving. He envisions open parks with healthy food growing, being harvested and cooked. Music, skateboarding, baseball, relaxation. Open air, rest.

He seeks to be a voice for the people of Mission and dreams of fast tracking their visions into reality.

Here are some of the actions and ideas driving Clay's campaign:


The first thing we can do to improve life in Mission is to open the parks. This will provide relief on households and allow for exercise, rest and relaxation in healthy, open-air environments. Like all free, public gathering spaces, the parks of Mission can be easily transformed into great sources of mental and physical health for all to enjoy.


There is no limit to what we can do here. Some of the latest efforts of the Society of Care have been focused on re-igniting the excitement at Mission City Park and developing trails connecting it to other parts of the City. Clay was honored to be involved in the discussions, which have ultimately led to his decision to seek office as Mayor.

Among their ideas for 2021 are:

-nature trails highlighting plants, birds and more

-other connector trails, like a bridge to Teacher Housing

-new playground equipment

-water play spaces like a splash pad

-a Little League revamp

-and excitingly,

the transformation of

the old Mission pool into a skatepark.

“I believe it would be a good idea to turn Mission Pool into a skatepark because of the environment here, the bad things, the negative ways. From my point of view, I see that happening all around me, and I can’t really do anything about it. I would like to change that, but I don’t necessarily have the power to. So what I can do to save myself from it is skateboard.”

-Chayce Stoneman, 20


This is the type of creative idea we seek to nourish and explore in the coming years in Mission. We know we will find the most success transforming our city into a vibrant joyous place by occupying the position of Mayor.

What do you care about?

Cultivating community gardens and wild food systems.
Public Transportation.
Alternative Homeless Shelter Solutions
Enhancing local food industries
and wild food sovereignty
Hosting weekly "pot luck" gatherings
Music, Dance, Sport, Discussion

Where would you like to work and shop?

local groceries

local eateries

movie screenings

thrift stores/consignment shops


skateboard shop


shoe store


street improvements

horse stables

salsa factory

egg farm


canning house

Book store



wood shop

metal shop

herb shop

food forest

educational spaces

outdoor classrooms

bulletin boards

public bath house

recycling center



event coordinator

general manager

vigilante hero

ski lift operator

What else?


We love it here.

Don't you?

Please help elect Clay for Mayor of the City of Mission by voting:
Shank for Mayor
before or on April 13 at the Mission City Office on Main Street Mission, South Dakota.
If you would like to discuss your goals and ideas for Mission and how Clay can best represent you as Mayor, please feel free to call him and organize a visit right away.
Thank you,
Clay Shank