In 2020 the Rosebud Skatepark Development Project focused on the Antelope Skatepark in Antelope South Dakota.

We ran a unique work program designed to encourage youth involvement and ownership of the area. We collected donated skateboard equipment and distributed it on an hourly credit system (12 hours is a complete skateboard. 5 hours for a fresh deck. etc.), and eventually paid $5/hr to our most devoted helpers.

For some it was their first job.

We had the help of many great volunteers over the summer months. It was especially enjoyable hosting the Cochiti Chapter of the ICP, and the Most Fried Crew of Berkely.

Though many minds and hands collaborated to keep this project going through 2020, the following have been indispensable:

The youth and community of Antelope, Tree of Life Ministries, Rosebud Rental, Sicangu Nation Employment and Training Office, Joe Kary, Shawn Bordeaux and SGU, Mission Lumber, Mark Butler, the Wasserman Family, the volunteers from Cochiti Pueblo, Colombia, and California, and the skateshops and skaters who have supported us with gear, DLX, Filter, Proof Lab, 510, Lighthouse, Rob Norland, Micaiah Furukara, Chaz Delong, and many others.

Thank you all.

And YOU too.