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The project involves youth and adults in the process of:


   1. Construction - Our building process is inclusive and involves many helpers of varying ages and skill levels. Clay Shank is our project manager, an experienced builder with connections to highly-skilled professional craftsmen, who prides himself on the involvement of local helpers, especially youth, during the creation of long-lasting, concrete skateparks.

2. Education - The skills required to build these parks are teachable and applicable to more than skateparks alone. The RSDP’s work program inspires ownership and accountability during the creative process, providing unique skill sets, new skate equipment, and occasionally, monetary reward.  

 3. Enjoyment - Skating these parks is also educational, inclusive, and notably supportive of physical and mental health. This is the most obvious advantage of investment in these parks. They provide foundations for health and joy for countless people for years, and include not only skate features but seating, edible plant landscapes, and cooking facilities as well.

 4. Outreach - Skateparks provide a unique opportunity for unifying communities that are otherwise separated. The exploratory nature of skateboarding has fueled some exciting crossovers between scenes across the state and beyond.

Rosebud's first skateboard competition was July 17, 2021 at the Antelope Skatepark.


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Clay has had the joy of working with some of the best concrete skatepark builders in the business, and has worked as a designer, fundraiser, builder, and general skatepark advocate for projects of all sizes. Here are a few of the projects he's proud to have been a part of outside of South Dakota:


Bolinas CA

Mill Valley CA

Avondale AZ

Pennsauken NJ


Get involved

Please come skate and build with us.

If you're inspired by our efforts, please consider making a donation or spreading the word to a friend.

If you have any questions, please visit the contact page and contact Clay directly.


He'd love to hear from you.





We filmed this in April of 2018, when the project began.

This was filmed in August of 2020 when Rob, Ty, Rabbit and Mateo visited Rosebud to help build the Antelope Skatepark.

Some more great videos:

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